Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mountain Music Sleepover

this is a flyer for the Mt Diablo camp out peace out and a helpful map to get you there designed and drawn by Brendan Garvey (responsible for Nosebleed

so totally come camp at Mount Diablo this saturday, it's going to be.... songs sung soft slight side slope summit spirit. If you need a ride, email and we'll help, or if you want to bike, check out this:
according to juan caballero, the "orinda-pleasanton" ride seems to be the easiest way from bart to mt diablo.

In other news, Ship just finished recording with Golden Gram, should be a nice little EP hitting the boulevard in not too long. AND, dear Franc just boarded a plane half an hour ago to head to NY to head to the UK...expect some intl posts in a cute accent, perhaps talking about Grime music and Scottish island cheese makers.