Monday, October 11, 2010

Jungle Hug

hannah and i just got back from cambodia...traveling is so over rated, all you do is go to remote villages and ride elephants in jungles and then going swimming with cute cambodian children by waterfalls or go to thousand year old temples. actually it's amazing.

"ush"...that's elephant for 'go'. at least that's what our elephant driver (a young girl) kept saying.
here's the story of me drawing a waterfall and making friends with some kids. drawing proves again to be the ultimate connector. yes, I'm wearing a wrap.

oh, I took this picture for nat...I knew he'd appreciate the phenomenon of "cosmic" brand motor oil t shirts that I saw across the country. even in the smallest towns, I was constantly reminded of the feeling.

okay, that's just a jet-lagged time I'll break off some photos of our visit to the temples of angkor. cosmic.


nathaniel russell said...


Megan Taylor said...

I hope that wrap came home with you/becomes a stable in the wardrobe! The trip looks amazing, and I can't wait to see more pictures. xo

david said...

oh yes, the wrap came back.

Megan Taylor said...


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I took this photo for nat...I knew he'd appreciate the phenomenon of "cosmic" brand brand engine oil.
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