Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just found some images of the collaborative performance I did with Lucky Dragons over at the deYoung last month, organized by VOLUME....Luke and Sarah brought people together to make sound, I set up a row of projectors and set out a palette of materials for folks to make a panoramic vision. interactions abound....since the Lucky Dragons performance has people creating sound through touch and the movement of objects, lots of people asked if the animations of the projectors were creating the new sounds. it was only emotionally linked, but I like to say 'Yes.' Why take away the magic?

I just got back from the big opening down at the orange county museum...the moon walk moon dance (moon march as frank suggested) was quite a thing. we had a lovely group walk with the moon blazing, and we arrived in the secret woodsy place to dance and hang, which we all did very happily for about an hour and a half and then a giant beam of light came down from the sky and lit everything up around us. it was a police helicopter and they supposedly had been looking for us for an hour! it was intense. in the end, I received a few steep fines, for which I'm going to have to concoct a fundraiser idea...but really, it's okay, it's important to dance in the woods no matter what.

stay tuned for a soon to be determined fundraiser idea!


k haas said...

A POLICE HELICOPTER?? Whoah! WTF?! Maybe it's best if you keep your dancing and hanging in the Bay Area. But they probably need your spirit and art down there more than they know.

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