Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camp Ukiah, a la Sam

My dear friend Sam Fleischner came from all the ways away in new york city to take part in the Ukiah residency. He's been focusing hard on filmaking for the past few years (his film Wah Do Dem, has just been released theatrically after racking up scores of film festival accolades. it's a reggae movie. and how.)...BUT I've known him in many roles and is truly an across the board creative force. And he likes adventure, which is probably how we became so close...check out this story and photos of an adventure we once took that nearly landed us in the slammer.

He came out with an open mind, took his time assisting and adding to the group efforts, all the while cultivating some deep solo moments that revealed themselves only to those who paid close attention. He built a minimal and elegant seat that gave you the perfect perch to look down the long view provided by a sweeping cut of powerline lineage. This set of photos speaks to his wanders and fine tuned eye. Here's a bunch, but it's completely worth seeing the whole batch up on his website.