Saturday, March 31, 2007

sea past landscapes

there's a book called Sea Past Landscapes that we made about the ocean and memory and moving between lives. the book had a companion soundtrack of our sounds but we never finished the recording. it was last spring, and we threw ourselves heartfirst into a whirlpool of difficult learning: learning about making things, about our friendship, about being away, about the greater life balance, about living honestly. the whirlpool pulled us down through some salty seaweed and murky water.....eventually we had to swim out of the water and run to the woods just to get some ground back under our sneakers. with this new pursuit of our essential sounds and actions, we begot our Tree songs, and with the feeling of making these songs we have rerooted ourselves and begun a new growth–-individual as much as partnered. so now it's been a year, and we've come back to the ocean with more of ourselves, to try again.

the other day i went surfing and right before paddling out, i was hit by how much you see and feel the ocean differently when you know you're about to get in it. yesterday, we started again to make the recording for Sea Past Landscapes and this time around it felt like we were actually about to get in. we also played frisbee and did some dancing at the beach before watching the sunset. it was quite a nice day.

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