Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sneak treeview

Firstly: Friday! Special Bus journey Show! If yoo don't know, we'll repost the maneuvers in the following days, or, just e-mail ribbonspublications@gmail.com. Also, secretly, save april 26th, feb 2nd, and feb 9th on your calendar. It's a ton to ask, but you will not be sorry.

On to stories and trying to be funny!

A few weeks ago david benj wilson esquire and I climbed like 800 tree's with our ultibro samuel "mammoth bravery," fleischner trying to find the most beautiful and perfect arbor-environments to sing and make strummery in. It was rewarding, challenging, and very very dangerous. Everyone got hurt in one way or another. But here we are, still laughing, slapping our knees, flossin', playing with paste, thinking about babies... itchin' the itch that itches y'know?

Anyways, the above is an outtake from the treevd of me playing a gjam from a project that is yet un-named beyond frank gilbert lyon II. Sometimes I horse around and call it water whatever or weaving willard... but the truth is... like a seed in the loins of a cavebro... it goes unnamed. And that is a special kind of fucked up situation for me, because, I love naming things, and think I am pretty good at it. One time "they" sent me to sydney, just to name a princess...

And frighteningly, its a trend, I've been making lots of art and collahbjects (special and pleasantly but weirdly shaped collages), and, I just can't figure out what to name any of them, even though in my mind they are just like children. It's why I am carrying a notebook around, and stealing all the cute things my friends say for the purpose of illuminating thoughts I thought I had... but didn't? Yeah things are getting pretty deep over here.

Also, for anyone who likes things:

Julianna Barwick.

You can here her mp3s at her cleverly titled website:


It's like some non-denominational angels finally heard me wishing that panda bear was a girl I could fall in love with instead of just a groovy/comfy stoner-uncle figure. But, hey, you never heard me complaining, I've kept the prayers quite to myself and my pillow.

But seriously, Julianna is, as I like to say these days, "special." For realz!

It's like all the best of enya, (as if any of its bad!) but with the urgency of annie lennox circa "why." Which, is also "special," and furthermore more, tear enducing.

Holy crap, what a world. Almost enough to make you yell "yahowa" from the tippy-top of a telephone pole.


Max said...

Frank, the things you're good at will change, and a shadow's only just that. Footage looks tops: absolute treedom. Hats off Sam for racking focus, thereby giving the song its innervision due. Silent light, sipping soul-verse.

Frank said...

omg max,

you are so smart!! And special!!


well, it makes me think of the other smartest thing I've hearden in the last couple days and its this.

The reason art retains value through a recession is because it holds time better than money does.



Yes its true, art holds time! And better then money!

welcome to the quartercenturian club. Let's see if we can put that on another blog too.


Max said...

I've had a line on "special" this week too. It goes like this:

"Critics should be those who either know something or love something - or, even better, know why they love something, and then know how to share that special knowledge with the public"


Cielle said...

frank. you too, are special. so is that song. particularly when listening to it sitting on my orange bed at 1 in the morning. and certainly friday will hold a certain amount of specialness to it, and i hope i can make it.

now speaking of this, please click on the quelqe'un m'a dit song linked to yours. it's amazing. these two adolescents covering a carla bruni song on a porch swing in tiger Ts! yes! i love one am. i'm going to bed.