Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jump Buddies

daniela and her man dan jump for their upcoming performance of Long Live for a Toronto dance company, while Frank and I jump for ourselves, nearly to california after a cross country drive 3 years ago (that photo was taken just moments after walking into the little cabin eatery in the mountains of Nevada and being stared down by three giant men dressed completely in camo with their rifles ready....we stared at each other in amazement for about 20 seconds until frank and I left laughing, realizing we were dressed completely in primary colors. worlds collide. the photo was taken on self timer with the 'roid prompted on a rock. you can image our delight when the timing worked out like a dream...catching not only our double jump, but auras as well).

Also, of note and of reference in this new jump shot just sent over from daniela is the cliff's of rodeo cove in the background. This was the first place I went surfing when I reached the Pacific, just days after that Ship jump shot, and I made this cove drawing after getting out of the water. The drawing was featured in the first Ribbons release called "Sea Past Landscapes" a book of some of my drawings with an EP of Ship songs, and a poem by Andy Connors. Many firsts come to mind with this poster. Good luck Daniela and Dan!

And if you didn't get to catch our last Snowblink shows or get a copy of the new album Long Live...go for it here.


Snowblink said...

Dave! I miss you a million!
Truth be told, the jump for this poster was greg's idea (the photographer) and my first thought was "but that's copying dave and frank" in the way that my best friend in third grade forbade me from buying clogs because she had them so i bought them in secret. Not that you forbade me the jump shot! No! But I figured, oh this is a tribute to my dears.
Anyways, I love this blog. It is so woven.
I will write more soon, privately, and have been meaning to, but have not yet caught my breath.
Lots of love to you,

david/frank=ribbons said...

the jump is for everyone! and especially for you sweet daniela. I understand the lack of breath....moving cross country and starting work on a dance performance can do that. I look forward to catching up soon. love back and forth.

Lauren said...

btw, the nevada story kills me like 3 tiny men with riffles filled with laughter behind my belly buttton