Thursday, October 9, 2008

Imaginary Zoo

Every year that I've taught at the school where I teach I've started the school year with a project that I call the Imaginary Zoo. Basically I cut these little cards and kids make up creatures, give them names, maybe write a fact or two about them, and then after a few weeks of letting the stack of cards grow and grow, we make a big drawing all together of all the habitats and lands where these imagined beasts and beauties might hang out. It was the first project I did my first year, and it was a lovely way to get introduced to the styles and personalities of the children...seen in the styles and personalities of their creatures. Sitting around a big table with a bunch of kids drawing and checking out each other's dudes is amazing, I looove it. and every year some unbelievable beings are born....check out some of this year's crop.

I've been compiling an archive of some of my faves, and some day not too far down the line I'd like to make a book of the Imaginary'll probably be a bestseller.



B. A. Kerl said...

that zoo looks like heaven to me!

truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

can we please have a band called the ninja squirrels , , , please?