Monday, January 17, 2011

from the Archive: 2005

it being the new year, I'm taking the time to dig into the archive and organize the things I've done and the documents I have into a proper website. Often when I meet someone who asks if they can see my work inside the internet and I direct them shyly to this lil blog, they say things like: 'so you like to dress up with your friends at school dances and go sailing?" and I say yes, that's what my work is about. but sometimes I feel it'd be nice to have a proper archive place that can be a place to look through past efforts in drawing and past efforts in outings. so, this 2011, I'm chipping away at a website.

at the moment I'm sifting through drawings and picking a few for each year, beginning in 2004/2005. This was the time I finished going to college on the east coast and drove across the country to start living on west coast. This batch includes the last drawing I made of the cape cod marsh before moving, the first drawing I ever made of the california hills, and the first drawing I made of the pacific ocean. Arrival stories...


Josh said...

Great pics of your work,Dave. Keep us updated on the progress of the website. Can't wait to see it!

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