Monday, June 13, 2011

We Song (virtual reality tour)

dear friends, since most of you will not get a chance to visit this little installation that I crafted in Albuquerque, I thought I would offer a little virtual tour a la Johnny Mnemonic.

So here's what you see in gallery (notice Jay Nelson's magic bus in the entryway)...over in my zone you find a collection of portraits of some verrry handsome people singing, and a map offering you a walk to listen to their song.

And then you use this map,

And eventually, you get down by the Rio Grande, and you find a shiny trail marker that leads you on to this little listening space.

and just for fun, here's some drawings I made in my wanders

the end.


Max said...

"I had discovered what Murray Kempton has called the lure of ‘going around.’ ‘I have done commentary,’ said Kempton, ‘do it still, and try to do it as best I can; but it can never be for me what going around is. The journalism that comments or pretends to explain has always been for me somehow wanting in the qualities that are most life-enhancing…The province of those who go around is the immediate, the brief, and the early forgotten. But it is a province that anyone who has ceased to go around will always miss as the ground he walked with a high and an anticipatory heart when he was young.'" -- From Peter Guralnick, LOST HIGHWAY

chelsea said...

Love these grassy drawings!


i really want to go there and discover. thanks for allowing people to constantly stay in the state of wonder and wander.

nathaniel russell said...


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