Sunday, January 13, 2008

Estimated Time Of Arrival

You guys! It's happening! After months of hard work and thoughtful idea building, Enter the Center is nearly here. It's been a heck of an experience filled with challenges and rewards. And we are so stoked to share it with all of you.

Open Sesame!

Mark your calendars:

January 26th: Opening!
Eleanor Harwood Gallery
1295 Alabama Street

February 2nd: Concert!
Lucky Dragons (
White Rainbow (
A Classical Indian Ensemble (

February 9th: Another Concert!
Arp (
Brendan Fowler's "Disaster" (
Pocahaunted ( )

Shows at 7:30pm! check back here or for more details soon.

Also, you can call to reserve your ticket to either of the shows. They are 8 beans. Space is seriously limited.
Gallery phone: (415) 282-4248

"Yonder hillside I've sketched with a pencil, come along fabled friend, I want to show you my love. Keep an eye out for the meditater."

"I call this pose earth to air blissile."

"Okay so let me double check, you want 30 invisible caps, and 6 XXL visibilty cloaks? Very cool... your total is 8 units of spiritual currency and a llama head."

Retiring to the fine-fingered craftsmanship that is visibilty cloak fabrication.


jesika said...

your show looks rad, ribbons! congratulations!

nathaniel russell said...

i feel like on big gentle banana

david/frank=ribbons said...

god nat, let's take a nap in the warm folds of some banaynay peels soon, you gentle soldier! thanks for the wassup on you're blog, I bet like 3000000 people read that.

k haas said...

mmmm, i love all your pictures! they´re beautiful. I am so sad to have missed your show. Hope it was slammin and jammin and delicious and karmic. I know it was.