Tuesday, January 29, 2008


so much love in the tub....thanks for sharing the opening night wonderful friends, spirits high!

hope to see you for the performances....

FEB 2nd
a Classical Indian Ensemble

FEB 9th

both shows are at the Eleanor Harwood gallery, 8pm...get tickets at www.eleanorharwood.com....Enter the Center is open for gallery visits Thurs-Sat 1pm-5pm or by appointment.....ALSO if anyone wants to get a copy of the book and DVD that we made, please email us (ribbonspublications@gmail.com) and we'll make it happen because we love you.


Allen Ginsberg In Space said...

Is the Jeffery Manson? I have pictures of him + little wongs from their show at pauly canyon.
See ya'll tonight. . . (and at pocahaunted)

david/frank=ribbons said...

yes friend, it is the lovely jeffery manson...he is as old as he is young, he goes in both directions. he's the best, everyone should listen to his music while taking drives to their favorite places.

same can be said of kyle field of course.

and wait! remember that the shows at the gallery are saturday nights, not friday!! until then, enjoy a rainyday activity.

Allen Ginsberg In Space said...
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Guadalupe said...

That bathtub is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.