Tuesday, February 5, 2008



thank you for coming to the first of our two shows....many special feelings. go explore more about the Sangati Center, Lucky Dragons, and White Rainbow, it will be well worth your while.

how did you feel?

Next Saturday, Feb 9th is our second show, and the closing of Enter the Center, hope we all got a bit closer.


8pm! $8! get tickets at www.eleanorharwood.com, and have a great week in the meanwhile.

AND! tonight, tuesday, is the triumphant return of BIRDS OF AMERICA, performing live for the first time in quite awhile, and it's going to be gooooood. They're playing at The Cimate Theatre on 9th and Folsom in SF, so go....and if you've never explored Nat Russell's blog, do yourselg a favor......crookedarm.blogspot.com. i do everyday.

(also, don't forget to vote)

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