Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Eucalyptus Grove' book 1 of ribbons box set

so, the first book about the first show has been made, with the powerful help of power collaborators Terri Loewenthal, Joseph Childress, Mariee Sioux, Kevin Haas, and Jamie Dutcher. it's an edition of 125, and there's still some left after the big dance party

if you'd like a copy, here's a link!

what's in the book?
a recording of a recent morning spent in the eucalyptus grove talking and playing songs with mariee and joseph...photographs by terri, kevin, and ryan junell....a letter about the show...a second edition of the original invitation...directions how to find the grove...a series of drawings of different moments spent in the grove...

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Senne said...

Hey David, I've featured your new book on my website Endless, Pt.. The website has just started, so actually you're the first (real) post! Hope you like it.