Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eucalyptus Grove

I've been spending a good deal of time up at the Eucalyptus Grove in the berkeley hills, revisiting the site of the first Ribbons show back in September 2006 as a way to get in the zone for this first book of the Ribbons Box Set. The book features the photographs of Kevin Haas from the event, the photographs of Terri Loewenthal from now, my drawings from the course of my relationship with the place, and a recording session from a recent morning spent in the grove with Joseph Childress and Mariee Sioux who performed that night.

The book is in production at the moment, and it will be released next Friday MARCH 26 at a DANCE hosted by Joyce Grimm from Triple Base, over at 2211 Mission St APT C (at 18th St). come dance, buy a book, support future ribbons adventures! Soon I'll post more about the book and a way to get it off the world wide web.
"snowblink, eucalyptus grove, sept 2006," Kevin Haas

I've also taken the occasion to create some new moments with the place...learning how to take 4x5 photographs from my friend John McNeil..

learning how to make etchings from my friend Tamar Beja...

and drawing like always...
in the book is a set of directions to get there if you want to visit (and for a little while see this new stick pile...).

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looking forward to it. rad work. wish i was around for the show.