Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News from the Ranch

here's a drawing I made the morning of my friends drew and sarah's wedding at Walker Creek Ranch. it was a wild few nights...some of their friends are really good at partying, I did my best to keep up.

and also, today Vicky Gannon (of Art Practical and other fine publications), put up her first part of a two articles on the Art21 blog about a person named david wilson who I happen to be. I discovered Art21 (a PBS art documentary series) in high school and it was my earliest awareness of Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen, so it holds a special place in my heart and I'm honored to have Vicky write such thoughtful things for their audience. part two comes out in the next few days or so. happy thanksgiving buddies.


h a n n a h said...

far out d. love this!

david said...

hi hannah!
wild indeed

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