Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sumi Ink Children

I thought I'd take the opportunity of this nice rainy saturday evening to look through and share some photographs of a wild day at school a couple weeks back....I teach an art class at an elementary school and I'm always looking for new ways to freak kids out (and inevitably get one-upped by the true freak masters). This time it came from an offer from a parent who works in printing to create a blow up print of any image I might be interested in using for a class. I thought about what would be cool to do with this proposition and the first thing that came to mind was the drawings that come out of the drawing sessions that are held by my dear friends Luke and Sarah and the SUMI INK CLUB. They offer brushes and ink and a very generous spirit and create collaborative drawings on paper and walls and windows and and ceilings and buildings and everywhere. It's amazing and I love them. I got this idea that if I had a large print of one of their collaborative drawings (which tend to be all black and white), me and the little ones could spend a whole day just cruising on color and responding to all the secrets and hidden faces and shapes and stories that exist inside one of their pictures.

It was rad, the kids went hard. this is what it looked like:

ps, this is the 300th blog post of this here ribbons blog. here's the first one 3 1/2 years ago (a post that has never been topped...). hmm, maybe it's best to not associate projects with kids with nudey self portraits. hmm.

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