Wednesday, January 25, 2012

snake eyes storm shadow

my friend Sam just commissioned me to make a drawing his Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow figures.
he had seen the big drawing of g.i. joes that i'd made a few years back when i rediscovered my collection in my parent's attic. we totally were on the same page as to how these characters defined a part of our childhoods.

what could be more intense than the dark and light ninja rivals?

the collection


Josh said...

Two brothers from the Arishikage clan. Almost as bad-ass as two brothers from the Wilson clan.

nathaniel russell said...

who was the dude who could change colors? and he had underlings. they were nasty dudes.

Megan Taylor said...

I like where this is going...xo!

Josh said...

Nathaniel, I believe you're thinking of Zartan. He was bad-ass too and I think he was also trained by the same ninja master as SE and SS.

Josh (Dave's brother)

David said...

i love that you guys are letting this turn into a gi joe discussion forum.

this is the height of all blog activity.

josh, thanks for your experitise.
nat, see you in a few weeks.
meagan, hi!

Josh said...

...and Zartan was the guy who killed the Hard Master, the ninja master who trained Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

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