Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Backlog pt.2

sam is back in new york, frank and I have much tree singing under our belts, and now we rest, until we don't, which is never too long since we're the virgo-est worker bees the queens ever seen....back to drawing every morning in the hills for me (i sat in the rain drawing for the first time in a long while this morning, soggy pants soggy paper, beautiful light), and we're getting ourselves together for a show on sunday at Triple Base Gallery that our dear Drew Bennet curated. We get to play with Lucky Dragons (hooray!), who has been blissfully rocking our world for some months now, we loves hims.

and here are more older file photos, all from a day of playful discovery and childhood-channeling with our amazing friend Tim Dutcher when he visited from middletown CT. we were crafting all together in frank's back yard after an hour of Tim leading us through the experimental theatre/body movement class that he teaches to preschoolers....amazing stuff.

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lukeplus said...

face-holding branches...! beautiful.