Monday, October 29, 2007

the plot thickens

I went back to the hills this morning to draw but the fog lay so thick I could not see a thing. Though I appreciate mystery in life, this lack of view and my curiosity about the events in the woods the other day led me back to test their realness.

So I went under the barbed wire fence again and the first thing I saw was the black swan with its long curvy neck swim off with the other ducks under the low branches. REAL. then I went up the ridge and saw the pool where the vultures had been. there were no vultures but in their absence was the stripped carcass of the deer. REAL. I got close enough to see it's empty insides swarmed with little maggots. SICK. I went on to the next pool, skeptical but hoping, and saw again the two swans. REAL. they were still doing their odd circling and stick-lifting routines.

I decided to follow the path a bit further and see what i saw. After a little, I started noticing some signs of human life. a few old building materials left to rot and rust, some buckets covered in dirt, a stack of bee keeping boxes, and then this creepy greenhouse that was most clearly not abandoned. keep in mind the foggy quality of the day was adding greatly to my sense of being in a horror movie. I walked into this clearing where I noticed a stone wall and the strange roof top of some kind of a compound. Sitting on the wall was a large peacock. I walked a bit toward the unknown building to get a closer look at the peacock and it jumped to the ground and ran into the woods away from me. Then all of a sudden the trees to my left erupted with the hooting and whooping of some animals that sounded like monkeys. Feeling like my presence might have caused this disturbance, I jumped behind a bush. I waited a second and looked up to see this older man with a grey beard and pony tail, in sweatpants, work books and a ragged sweater walk towards the trees where the sound was coming from, leave my sight, and do something to make the animals stop. I decided to be bold and perhaps talk to this man and learn the secrets of this place, so I stepped out and stood by the wall. He came back from the woods and started to walk towards me without looking at me, talking to himself. For a second I thought he might walk right by me without even acknowledging me, but he stopped about 4 feet before and looked at me with a surprised and pissed off expression that quickly made it clear that this man was going to be sharing no secrets with me. He asked what i was doing, I told him I must have wandered onto his property from the woods. He told me that was true and that I better wonder back where I came. I tried to ask him what this place was, he just looked at me with more confusion and piss and said that he lives here. I apologized and said I would leave him be, but as a last effort to ease into secret I asked if he cared for animals. he said yes. then told me to leave. so i left, and he stood their watching me walk away until I was gone.

who is this man with animals? i want to know but I'm afraid of him and his army of birds. But i think everyone should know that their is a an Isle of Dr. Moreau situation in the Richmond hills. I ALMOST DIED.


nathaniel russell said...

bring him a banana and you have a friend for life. show him a burrito.

Guadalupe said...

Or wear feathers.