Wednesday, October 10, 2007

chasin the muff around


first off I think it's fair to mention that as I form my thoughts into a blogpost I'm watching the criterion release of Dazed and Confused so it might slip into my literature a bit...actually, instead of writing this i wish i could just show you all the rad potleaf designing I'm sketching out for my next tattoo.

so frank and I have the pleasure of hosting our dear friend Sam Fleischner (seen above at his last west coast visit and in NY absorbing the sounds of our other dear friends Andrew and Ben, MGMT, as they warmed up to record their new record for COLUMBIA records, just before meeting with sir Rick Rubin, and going on tour with Of Montreal, they are rad and worth knowing about, watching them break the into the realm of popular music is quite wonderful for me).

God I love Aerosmith.

anyway, Sam is here from NY to lend his film skills to our master plan for our upcoming show at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery in January...not to give too much away, but I almost saw frank fall out a 100 foot high pine tree that we had climbed to sing one of songs for sam. Sam brings it out of us, that's why we asked him to help us. we still have 4 more days of shooting and getting messy.

anyone's parents going out of town anytime soon?

here's frank doing some more treehugs, training for the TreeVD.

anyway, the point is, don't be surprised if the next time you see me I'm carry a paddle and looking for freshman to spank.


nathaniel russell said...

free mustache rides

david/frank=ribbons said...

You're such a giver! it's a great quality, I would love a ride across your breezy bristles.

Hows TX? looks like a blast from the looks of your photos, I hope you put on a good play.