Saturday, March 29, 2008

for instants

thankfully, amy mosley had an art show last night. She likes to tie knots in string just so you and i can have the pleasure of untying them....very giving. She's a healer and a gem. I had the pleasure of accompanying her on a beach walk last year out at Pt Reyes; we talked and read and ate some snacks, and both realized that we like to go off the path when we take hikes. We ended up getting into some pretty dense thicket (it always looks less dense from far away) and made it out only by the good grace of a passage of deer trails. I found the largest antler I've ever found that day. Amy said she had never found an antler before so offered it to her, but she wanted me to keep it...very giving.

what a nice show.thanks Amy! thanks Forthrite Printing! thanks Yes Please!

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