Thursday, March 27, 2008


a week ago, I, david, flew home to central Massachusetts to visit my family and dig the last gasps of winter. whenever I reenter my family's house I am always showered with the residue of my kidhood, layered and layered, and it's always a trip. I feel like I spend so much time these days collecting old things and imagining who they belonged to and how they were a part of some life ago that it's extra wowerful (thanks for the word frank) when the old things discovered are mine, and the life ago imagined is a shape of my memory! it's VERY consuming, and I usually have to bring myself back after not too long for fear that if I excavate too hard I'll get lost in memory land and be trapped, a little bit like Bill Murray in Groundhog's's a departure from the present for sure, but a healthy does of that does a person good (especially when you get to look at comics you drew when you were in 2nd grade).

one thing I was especially searching for were these drawings I did of my mom's hands and feet when I was 9. my mom really was hoping to find them too, so we looked through all of these old portfolios and found them buried in a folder marked in my little dave cat-scratch: "relalistuk drawings" (realistic).

I don't need to call myself a child art wizard, but I was pretty impressed....
....I also found it hilarious that at the same time I did those drawings I was doing THESE drawings (this is the real stuff):

YES those are scenes from my comic book series Diacy (about a ninja whose face got melted into a skull by gang) YES that's a flyer for my 4th grade metal band "Outlaws of Metal" (my second band...first being a solo acoustic metal project called "Powerline" with the hit single "Satan" from the platinum album "To the Head"), and YES that's a portrait of George Bush the first (I don't really get that one, but I like it).

anway, here's some more goodies from even earlier days:

what a trip!

here's my brother josh emailing his new lady love, very much in the present.

and my mom ellen reading in a chair that they've had longer than they've had me.

and my dad howie in our greenhouse (just kidding, this is at a botanical garden near where we live).

they're my family, and they're what's hard about living in California.

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