Tuesday, March 4, 2008


-faith no more.

great band, deep question. The it above is a lil musical video of Ship that Josef Lucas of KNOWProductions made one and a half years ago and just posted. It happened right at the birth of Tree, our collection of songs inspired by a choral chant from a cosmic celebration that frank stumbled upon. people singing the word 'tree' as if they were singing the word 'amen.' over and over. we had just had our first outdoor show up in the Eucalyptus grove in berkeley (with Snowblink, and Nat Russell, and Mariee Sioux, and Joseph Childress). Josef had done some filming that night and he wanted to flush out the footage with us scampering around a bit. It feels young, and silly, but it is as we are. so there you go. The footage of Snowblink from the Eucalyptus grove is quite precious. I forgot about how i nearly set daniella's hair on fire.

anyway, it's funny to see this early stab at video play having just completed our TreeVD. and it's always nice to share. Thank you Josef for finishing this project even though it is well past its conception. That's a mark of good character... finish what you've started.

here's a video that Josef made at our second outdoor show, the Tunnel Show:

Which reminds me that Snowblink is playing at the Red Devil Lounge tonight with Jeff Manson and Sonya Cotton. hooray!


Cielle said...

this makes me sad to leave california. i want to bring that day with me. (except perhaps the muscle pain from biking up that last hill. that i'll leave up on the cliff side)

david/frank=ribbons said...

where are you going cielle? i have not caught wind of this at all. what gives?