Saturday, May 3, 2008


tonight, it's a big night for Snowblink, we're playing the Fillmore. It's bizarre and charming, but it's our last show for quite a little while, and we're going to be taking the big stage opening for Rogue Wave. This makes me all the more excited to be a granddad and tell my grandlittleones about the time when I held hands with the ghost of Jerry and played the tambourine.

check out some more memorabilia:


andrew said...

That 311 poster isn't from the Fillomre. I guess you're just down with 311? Me too.

david/frank=ribbons said...

good eyes detective! I didn't catch that until I put it up, but by that point I had already fallen in love and couldn't let it go...but who cares right? it's a sweet poster! DOWN.