Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peter Gabriel is an Artist

That's the first thought I had after I woke up from my few hours of red-eye sleep on the plane ride from CA to MA yesterday morning. Out the window was the first light of day, and on the little tv screen seen through the chairs in front of me was Peter G, thanks to VH1 Classic. I watched the whole Sledgehammer video soundless, between those two seats. We had a moment. And now I remember what I always knew...Peter Gabriel is an artist. Try watching this video on mute, he really tried to make something. Dear Peter, thank you for introducing me to world music in middle school, and for making woodstock '99 so heavy with your performance of Biko, love dave.


nathaniel russell said...

what does that make phil collins?

david/frank=ribbons said...

an angel.

I actually spent a lot of time listening to "I can't dance" while get driven to the beach as a kid. In my memory, the cover art to that album is like the art from the Little Prince...phil is a little, balding prince in his way. Su Su Suddio!