Friday, May 16, 2008

Love the Love

today, jason and terri are making the love that was already official,'s a wedding! i love weddings, and this one is incredibly inspiring. Jason and Terri are going to recreate the circumstance in which they met, and get pronounced matrimoneyed on the transbay bus (filled with cooing friends) while crossing the bay bridge to the rose garden in oakland where their love buds first took root. i'm cooing already.

This celebration is quite in the spirit of their relationship, always bringing friends together in elated ways. These are some pictures I took at Terri's birthday hike last spring. amazing.

(this is a drawing I made of Frank by the rocks...I am pretty happy with the troll quality it brings out in our dear bearded frank of that time. In the photo of Frank and Nat above my little drawing, Frank is actually writing on the drawing a phrase he was singing while being drawn..."A Cardinal, Does Not Believe, That it's Heart Sinks, at the Sight of Brown Leaves" think about it.)

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