Wednesday, December 3, 2008

jewels and treasures

my dear friend hannah weiss just gave me a heads up on a trunk show at the BellJar (3187 16th St) happening this friday 6-9pm that she'll be taking a part in. She makes lovely jewelery under the name Canopy, and she'll be joining forces with some other fine friends, Claire Hummel, Jess Feury, and Ally Dutra....

gift potential?

also, if you're in the market for treasures, my other lovely friend Alissa Anderson is going to be in the ReadyMade craft fair happening this Thursday at the Verdi Club at 2424 Mariposa, SF.

and and, since this is turning into a holiday buying guide, you can check out Anne Kimball's trunk sale at Forthrite Printing tomorrow evening at 5857 San Pablo, Oakland.

ooh, and maybe you can't spring for that original kyle field you always wanted to get me, but maybe you want to pick me up a print at the Mollusk family print show opening this saturday out at Mollusk (4500 Irving, by Ocean Beach), featuring some all stars as well as a performance by the Bay Gulls (an inversion of the Be Gulls). I will be there with my wish list.

go grease the wheels of our economy by buying things from your friends!
support each other, it's positive.


nathaniel russell said...

bring your didgeridoo for the bagels jam sesh. i will be there in spirit, appearing in the twilight as a kokopeli dancing on the jalapeno cream cheese of your mind.

david said...

when I went home for thanksgivings I took some hits off the didgeridoo that I got when my older brother went to college and discovered aborigines...too bad I didn't bring that thing back.

your spirit will be appeased with a mountain of cream cheese, don't worry.