Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bit more to barn...

okay, well, I'm not quite done talking about the barn... it's hard when people keep sending really nice collections of pics...the latest comes from Mariah Gardner who just passed on these warm photos and there's more up on her blog,  She's buddies with Jeff Manson, who you can see above in mid light conception and mid BB gun execution...gosh I wish I had known about the target practice! when I was a five year old at camp, all I wanted to do was BBs for an activity...I signed up everyday (I must have looked like a tiny terrorist cause my mom made me wear my hat and aviator sunglasses to protect my fair skin) until finally my counselors pulled me aside and talked about how maybe I wanted to try something else, like art.  and look now, no guns, just pencils.'s another photo of the dancing that I love.  It's from a buddy of Mariah who's got a blog called UnPiano...This photo shows my dear friend Tim (dance guru) doing business as usual with the proper back up of Andrew Connors and Drew Bennett.  Those rafters were made for monkey business.

Tim is a firm believer that dancing should happen as much in your face as in your feet.  Believe it.

Oh, and Tim reminds me of Jamie, his brother, who ruled the dj picks as much as he ruled the hip-hop dance basics...Jamie just sent me this E-thank you card (always the most sincere medium). Tears in my eyes.
(the truth is out there)

also, I think it's worth mentioning, someone just told me that she got engaged in her tent at the barn show.  YES!! It's a little secret of mine that I really just want to create situations where people can fall in love...not in a "singles event/J-Date" kind of way, just in the way that my friend Frank says that he knows he's going to meet his wife on the top of a mountain. real romance. that's the stuff. 

and lastly...a kind new friend named Shoka wrote an article on the show in the Sacramento News and Review...always a treat to be in a paper, thanks Shoka!.  And speaking of feeling it with your face...look at Kyle!
"it looks like he has to doo" -anonymous person sitting next to me.

what fun. And lastly lastly...some people have inquired about the DJ playlist from the dance...some "DJs" might hesitate to share their "prime cuts" but, I'd rather have everyone practice their dance moves at home (dance homework) until the next here's the list of songs I played...Sarina Eastman and Jamie "Alien Spliff" Dutcher also contributed some essential jams to the mix, that will remain up to them.  But seriously, Sarina and I are totally in the blueprint stages for some dance time, so we'll let you know.  

1-"Going to a Go-Go" Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
2-"Jumpin Jack Flash" Ananda Shankar
3-"Tiny Sticks" ESG
4-"Get Connected" Stereo MCs
5-"Roots Train Number One" Junior Murvin
6-"Don't Bring Me Down" ELO
7-"Electric Feel" MGMT
8-"Music" Madonna
9-"Whole World" Outkast
10-"Just Give Me the Line" Sean Paul
11-"My Girls" Animal Collective

then I played some more songs, like a Dr. Dre song, and "Steal My Sunshine" by Len (love it) and I can't remember what else

thanks again to everyone...barn show to bed for real! (or whatever, we do what we want).

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