Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barn Show (as seen by Alissa Anderson)

we'll conclude our survey of barn show photovisions with a dear and dreamy friend, Alissa Anderson. I love that she caught Karl stirring up the dance spirit. See more of her treasures here. thanks again to everyone for sharing their photographs, it's so nice to synthesize all these different yet overlapping impressions of a time (and who knew that having a bunch of young people out amongst a farm and orchard would be so photogenic...interesting). Now as the barn is put to bed, new ideas and plans swirl in the wizarding cauldron...eyes to ocean!

oh, and since we're taking a moment in alissa's eyes, I'd like to share some of her photograhs from the Angel Island show last summer since I never did that, and since I like them so. flashback, engage!

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yippee hoe-down.