Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eastern Dip

Here are a few drawing from my recent dip into the east coast...
I met a man from Nigeria at 5:30am when I got off the plane. we shared a quiet moment and a warm bev from the true source of new england nectar: Dunkin Donuts.
and I talk took walks around my family's neighborhood each day for some winter magic hour admiration...sunset suburbs.
I like drawing back home. I drew the view looking down this same hill one morning earlier in November (a little less magic spilled).
and one time I found and drew a secret suburb


Frank said...

I like that ravey:
"I talk took walks..."


Brendan Garbee said...

these are great, dave. esp I like the second one.

I saw the "secret suburbs" one at hatch gallery. there were two older guys talking about it. they were like "that guy...that dave wilson guy...he has some great stuff."

so I was like, "and some great hair!"

Brendan Garbee said...
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ribbons said...

whoa....older guys.

the next frontier!

thanks for passing that along brendo, what a treat...and, PS- i really like hearing your stories: podcast..the next frontier!