Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

Tonight is the second full moon inside the walls of December, making it the Blue Moon. The last Blue Moon to fall on new years eve was in 1990, and that was a long time ago. Above are some photos from last nights nearly blue moon.
On December 1st i woke up from a feverish flu sleep with the idea to paint the moon each night until the new year in an effort to gain some traction on what always proves to be a landslide of a month. I did not realize at the time the special blue surprise waiting at the end, but now it feels like a perfect punctuation of our time with this first intense decade of the still new millenium. enjoy the moon!

this is the watercolor set i've been using to paint the moon...kind of looks like a galaxy just on its own.

i love this recording. talk about a barely there back track. amazing. one of my favorite snowblink shows was at the hotel utah when we each sang a piece of this song karaoke style.

happy new year!