Saturday, December 5, 2009

We're All Just Another Kapla Block in the Wall

inspired by my sick day building block idle times, I came fresh faced to school with a challenge: in one hour and fifteen minutes, can we build something using all of the school's 1500+ kapla blocks as a team, no block left behind. a true challenge requires true courage, and with the help of some powerful bros, things got serious. Spanning the great gulch between the two couches, we built a bridge perhaps more sound than our fair bay bridge....until the earthquake came.

my bud garrett mid creation epiphany....
first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is
this is what an epiphany looks like
dang girl, nice tower

as the time limit was drawing closer, and things were getting more and more heated, kids kept joining in to help....I just remember handing out handfuls of kapla blocks and yelling "build!" It was amazing to see how intent everyone was on making the challenge happen....however things got a little dark when the original core crew of challengers, who all along had been getting excited for the final moment when they could go godzilla on their creation and level it, started to feel the crowd surging closer and closer...The bridge was starting to feel more like a wall, and the scene was starting to feel more like something from Pink Floyd's The Wall/the taking of the Berlin Wall/Lord of the Flies. The picture below is my sweet friend garrett losing a stroke of his innocence as he was yelling for everyone to wait wait before just demolishing the whole thing
it did not work.

the temptatation was too strong, the group mentality too strong, so the moment the first little nudge happened, the wall came down and became a sea of was wild and everyone loved it. expect garrett. we had a loong talk about disappointment and the loss of control, and there were some apologies to be made, and in the end we came up with a good solution....he got to chill out on the couch with a snack while everyone else cleaned the place. he was psyched about that.

It reminded me of the Cave show last fall at Woulds, and the destroying of the cave with Lucky Dragons, release moment. It reminded me how good it can be to make things just to enjoy the breaking of them. Usually breaking things is considered negative, but we need to let it out sometimes.

destroying, positive style.


rebecca.hunt said...

I love this idea! Have you done another challenge since?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Carol Covin said...

I love the fact that you gave them a fixed task and a fixed amount of time, then were able to turn the outcome into a teachable moment for Garrett. What a great experience.