Friday, August 29, 2008

Backlog Pt. 6: House of Hurley

Here's some photos from the last minute show that I put together for Michael Hurley back in July when he came down for the Angel Island show. Five days before the island show, I heard that sir Snock had docked back home in Oregon after his tour rather than just coming straight to the Bay Area. When I talked to him on the phone I realized that there had been a bit of a miscommunication regarding his travel to SF and that I had to buy him plane ticket in order for him to come down for the island outing....he also thought it'd be nice to play another show while he was down and asked if I could set another one up for him. I really love Michael Hurley, and there was no part of me that regretted this development, and I certainly wasn't going to let a couple of logistical bumps deter any of the mounting goodness, so I quickly got on the horn with Dina at Triple Base to see if she and Joyce might be game for a hosting an off the cuff Snock/Avocet evening at the gallery two days after the island show. With a calm generosity, they opened their doors, and the show was a warm winner.

Thanks so much to Dina and Joyce, to Meara O'Reilly for being the MOST positive team player throughout (as well as for continually contributing her beautiful talents), to Lisa Strauss for her dedication to Michael's world and for being the ultimate helpful connector and supporter, and of course to Michael hisself, for approaching this whole situation with a gentle openness, proving and providing the wisdom of his are a moving presence.

update...I am in brooklyn at the moment with hannah and her family. we are heading back to california tomorrow evening, and I continue on, straight up to the Sierra Mountains for a short artists residency. Also, check out Nat and John Minardi's new project, it is an enjoyable and revealing exercise and completely worth taking part in...I did it with some buddies last night.

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