Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Sur Gets Better

Perhaps you've heard how Big Sur had a rough couple months...those fires happened just after I went for a camp out at the Sykes Hot Springs so I was particularly hurting for those lumbering mountains (and for a kind old man who I heard about while camping who lives 12 miles deep into the mountains in a cabin, making violins, and hiking out every few weeks to get supplies...I hope he found it safely). Well Devin over at Naturalismo just passed on the word of this benefit festival organized by Arthur, Naturalismo, and Folk Yeah, happening the last weekend in September to support the Big Sur Fire Brigade who were put to the test this season. There's an appropriately epic line up and I think it's worth noting here as a wonderful occasion to head south and celebrate the healing of the Sur.

From what Devin says, there's only a small amount of passes left some grab them while you can, you won't want to be at home alone with all this goodness going on.

Folk Yeah

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