Monday, August 11, 2008

Backlog pt.3: Presidio Knights

the presidio is an odd place.

a couple months ago, andy and I decided to have ourselves a night out in the Presidio to see what really happens there, and a lot happened. In the middle of all the old military base housing and forest, we found a bowling alley. it was curious. we went in and were doubled back by a total frat scene. the dude at the counter didn't like our vibe and told us it'd be at least hour wait for a lane, implying that we probably shouldn't bother. we said we'd take a number and take a walk. He told us that if he called our number and we weren't here, we'd be screwed. we said we didn't care.

We wandered off and found that the presidio was a place of silent old buildings, and crowded new event spaces with ridiculous party happenings. we were taking some photos near this boarded up house when we heard a distant music. We followed and and realized that it was the song "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith. Upon further following, we found ourselves at a wedding reception with the most outlandish wedding band rocking their version of that classic boston hit. It was amazing and hilarious, and we stood watching this wedding reception through the window for quite some time. After deciding that the scene was actually kind of sad, we wandered through the cemetery until we got to another reception of some kind. At this point we decided to check back in our bowling situation. As we rolled through the doors we heard our number being called, and to the obvious disappointment of our counter friend, we got our lane and proceeded to remember how good bowling is. Whoa Presidio, you are your own world.

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Devin said...

This is funny- I just experienced a similar, although somewhat more removed, night in the Presidio with a friend of mine. We were kind of turned off at the vibes of the bowling alley as well. The drive in through that winding tree-lined street really took on another feeling at night though.

There's always something new to be uncovered in the fake forest... but sometimes I think the entire place has a strange vibe.