Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a New Day for a 6 Year Old

the school year has ended for me and my little friends over at school. the scene was totally molten moulting; kindergarteners step out of their kindergaten skin are now 1st graders....gigantic. all there is now is an expansive of beach days, sleep overs, movie nights, and pizza until the fall. at least that's my plan, we'll see what the kids do.

like last year we celebrated with a screening of the claymation movies that we all made, followed by a wild dance romp. who knew that "I like to Move It Move It" is the chart topping dance hit in the kids dance world...luckily its one of my favorites, so I could play it for them over and over.

it was a blast, though there was one of my favorite now 1st grade friends asked me to flip her upside down while we were dancing, and I did, but I didn't realize that in the process of the flip, her stretch pants got tugged off and for a few moments I was dancing with an upside down completely bottomless girl swinging from my arms. she was not happy about it. Oh god! i felt so bad! nothing like a good traumatizing experience to cap off your first year of school. I relayed that story and my horror for how deep her embarrassment might be scarred to my wise friend Terri (mother of a young one of around the same age), she reminded me that kids don't hold things for long, each morning they wake up and rebuild themselves for a new day. and that's why they're rad.


Luke Mastny said...

my son just graduated man....

ribbonspublications(at) said...

wow, congrats little luke, that's a big deal. welcome to the number grades.

Anonymous said...


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