Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maggie sees Headlands

welcome june...talk about thresholds.

if you're just tuning in, I've been taking this time to collect the different sights people beheld over the course of their wanders out in the Marin Headlands for the day of installations I thought to plan a few weeks ago.

here's some photographs that maggie otero passed along to me. I've had the richest pleasure getting to know her through the course of this project. She and Chris Duncan and I had a quite a magical day plucking some feelings from the Headlands about a month before the outing. it was one of those teenage camp days when you go deep with someone really quickly, and leave the day arms in arms. she built a beautiful wind harp, letting the wind sing through bottles atop sticks. walking up to the choir of singing sticks at the edge of the cliff was a particular highlight of the day for me. In her photographs, she followed Tomo and Colter of Coconut through a walk. thanks maggie.

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