Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jesse sees Headlands

Jesse Pollock is buds with Mariah and Franklin. They seem to have connected over a special ability to take really great pictures. And they seem to also have connected over the pursuit of good times....I feel lucky to connected with them too.

Jesse has a lots to look at here, and you can find his thoughts published over at fecal face.


Anonymous said...


Also, it's "Pollock". Like the fish.

ribbonspublications(at) said...

ahh, very good.

I'm just pronouncing it with my Baston accent.

fitz said...

I found this blog via a muddled internet trail, but in any case, I'm sure glad I did. These photos are marvelous. It's easy to forget I'm in such a majestic place when spending all day inside; no matter how large the bay windows are. So looking forward to getting out into nature. Thanks.