Monday, January 26, 2009

Barn Vision

I've been in deep with some hard barn planning...everything is shaping up to be mighty shapely.  I'm excited.

Despite whole headed barn occupation, I did find a moment to draw some shells and make this poster for the slew of Karl Blau/ Painted Cakes shows that Eli Reitz has orchestrated...if you didn't get a ticket for the barn show, you've got ample opportunities to enjoy Mr. Blau and the Cakes (not to be confused with Cake):

wednesday at the Rickshaw Stop in SF
thursday at Woulds in Oakland (on San Pablo and 59th st)
friday at The Basement in Nevada City


B. Garbee said...

bummerino me and erin are going to miss the barn show. sweet shells, sally seashore.

ribbons said...

that is a total bummer. I'll bring you back some hay.

Frank said...



this is such a beautiful beautiful. I like how pretty and simple it is, yet sort of confusing and weird too...

go there.

sweetsman said...

i can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait

i have also been doing some hard dancing to prepare myself for the glory of this weekend, and can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve..!