Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This Friday the 9th Pocahaunted, Barn Owl, and Sun Araw are playing at a little place in SF China Town called the Li Po lounge (916 Grant @ Washington). It's going to be off the chain.  I know this.

I know this because I have only good associations with every element of the show.  

Like, how the the poster above was made by Nat.

Like, how Snowblink played at the Li Po lounge last Spring and it felt like a dirgey high school hang in a friend's basement.  
Like, how Barn Owl so warmly inaugurated the series of musc that happened at the CAVE
earlier this fall.

Like, how Pocahaunted raged through a set to cap off our series of music that happened last winter as part of  Enter the Center 

Like, how it feels good to go see a good show with good friends like I expect to do this friday.
So come on, let's get dumplings and listen to droney music. Excellent.


Devin said...

I was trying to decide which Sun Araw show I wanted to go this week since they're playing a few...thanks for giving me a heads up on what looks like the best one. Barn Owl, yes! See ya there...

david said...

you mean, see you for dumplings before hand...

Devin said...


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