Thursday, January 1, 2009

alive in 2009

this image gets me riled up whenever I look at it...having put 2008 to bed in bolinas last night, I'm ready to keep being in alive in 2009.  
so long 8

oh, and if anyone didn't have a chance to make it over to Forthrite Printshop earlier in November to see the collection of drawings I made called From Now On, you can catch a peak over at Hatch (formerly Ego Park) on 23rd and Telegraph in Oakland.  There's a group show opening tomorrow, Friday, from 5-10pm as part of Oakland Art's a preview of the artists who will be showing over the course of the coming year.  I know Nat Russell is in it too, and at the little preview of the preview show, he was drawing spirit animals, so we can all hope collectively that he'll do that again.  


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