Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hard Dancing

I'm currently getting ready for some barn dj action, and I'm doing a pretty heavy dance music assessment. it's like my master's thesis in movement...what inspires the hardest dancing?

and what is hard dancing, you might wonder..for that question I can very simply refer you to my friend Opal seen above and very much below, HARD DANCING.

it's free.
that's for sure.

Dear Frank Lyon and I would talk about hard dancing all the time...that's kinda the medium through which we became friends...recognizing in each other the interest in dancing our faces off. Amazingly, two of my favorite hard dancing friends will be in town from the east coast for the Barn Show...Tim and Jamie Dutcher. They are brothers and they started The Boogie Club, something I am thankful to have aligned stars with. it was formative.

and speaking of alignment...the stars have spoken: 2009 is for dancing. get ready, start stretching.

[and if you need further clarification and inspiration on the hard dancing front...please refer back to these videos that Frank posted awhile back of stevie wonder playing music for kids on Sesame Street in the early 70s....nothing could be clearer]

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Devin said...

RE: Hard Dancing

That would be some sweet barn hard dancing action right there.